• It's shiny, fast and depressing. However, this is not the latest Alfa Romeo. A seminar was announced at the Physics Laboratory in Tennessee, which can be described as the world's fastest and most intelligent supercomputer.

    Perhaps the most exciting for America? It's faster than China.

    Supercomputers - Tennis in the form of two tennis courts that fill the server - according to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 200 seconds (or 200 zero 200) per second or 200 Petphlop count calculations, where the supercomputer residues spits


    According to the statement from ORNL: "The second count of each person on earth is taken, in which the world's population will be 30 seconds, which can reach the top in 1 second."

    In other words, if a person calculates the calculation, it takes about 2.3 trillion days or 6.35 billion years in the inferior manner. [9 super cool uses for supercomputers]

    The previous "world's fastest supercomputer," Sunway Taillight 93 can calculate more than 93 quadrillion counts (9 3 petaflop), while the Wuxi is on the way to China National Super Center.

    How big was the peak?

    Supercomputer is the IBM AC 922 system, which has 4,608 computer servers - each processor (computer's brain). In reality, the only thing that's happening in these processors is making the difference.

    ORNL, who worked at the summit, said computer biologist Daniel Jacobson LiveScience: "The computer architecture of the talks is very different ours." First, the computer uses a new tensor core function (produced by NVIDIA) in its graphics card, which was developed specifically for applications that focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

    Contrary to the old computer chips, these chips are optimized for a particular type of mathematical matrix - or rectangle filled with numbers, and added subtraction and multiplication rules of different rows and columns will be enforced. Is there. Computers with AI programs often learn to use the so called nervous network, in which there are many levels in which the following calculations are in a higher category. And this process needs intensive use of matrices.

    Jacobson said, "It's a new feature that allowed us to break the axle barrier." In terms of processing speed, there are more than one billion billion calculations per second.

    Apart from that, on every node in the summit, super-fast memory (RAM) is available, which can be calculated locally.

    "At the summit, there are 512 GB [gigabytes] in each node, and the network that is connected between the nodes, uses adaptive routing and so fast calculations can be minimized in all tumors." Jacobson said, so-called Adaptive routing means that summit has a specific flexibility in how it is executed - for example, the brain cells that are associated with synapses, the network.

    And although the costs - New York Times report - will cost more than $ 200 million, science summit can bring a lot: In order to supercomputer is designed to integrate artificial intelligence in its data processing, there can be formed in the top of the conflict there is a wild enemy of the world's most complex mystery Become.

    He said, "This supercomputer has many scientific applications of power." "Is there a new understanding here for new research for bioeregy or specific medications? Now there are many things that could not be possible before."

    For example, once the scientific director of ORNL, Jack W.Law, the scientific director of artificial intelligence programs choose to run at the top of these artificial programs, which are chosen co-ops to learn the cats to select images, and select bio-science classification should learn Physics For example, sections of neutrino and other particles

    Wales LiveScienece said: "This machine can be both very important, because something new, this machine will be on the intersection of education and simulation science."

    After the summit goal as "the fastest person in the world", the supercomputer ranking has not been updated for the top 500 list, though it is not official. However, according to the Times article, the list will be updated at the end of this month. It should get the top slot.

    Editor's note: This article has been updated to improve the speed of "the world's fastest supercomputer".

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